Paustian Furniture Collection is adding to its impressive roster of modern furniture classics with an exclusive relaunch of three original designs by late Danish architect Philip Arctander. The Arctander Collection features a sofa, a table and an ottoman, and continues our longstanding collaboration with Philip Arctanders granddaughter, Sofie Arctander Paustian.

Originally introduced and produced in very limited numbers in 1944, the furniture designs of Philip Arctander have slowly but surely emerged from relative obscurity to international recognition, and in 2016 Paustian relaunched his infamous Muslingestolen (The Arctander Chair) in collaboration with Sofie Arctander Paustian and the Arctander Estate.

The upcoming Arctander Collection follows in the footsteps of Muslingestolen and continues Arctanders principles of accessibility and durability. The collection is a part of Paustian Furniture Collection, featured alongside a curated selection of modern design classics by prominent Danish designers.

The Arctander Collection also includes a new, higher version of the Arctander Chair intended for the contract market or customers looking for a more upright sitting position.

The Arctander Collection also sees the introduction of two new types of wood – walnut & ash – in addition to oak, alongside a wide variety of new and exclusive fabrics curated in partnership between Paustian, Sofie Arctander Paustian and textile designer Cecilie Elisabeth Rudolph.

New fabrics include Amoir Libre from Dedar Milano, Storr from Bute Fabrics and an authentic hand woven fabric from McNutt. The collection is still offered in the familiar sheepskin from Skandilock and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel hide, Dunes, from Sørensen Leather. A brand new edition in Gotland Sheepskin from SIPO is available in limited numbers. The Arctander Table is available in a wood base with a table-top in a variety of exclusive stones. All wood variants are FSC-certified.

Today, the Arctander Collection with its light expression, soft padded form and rounded legs is a reference point as well as an outlier of modern Danish furniture design.

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