Lille Torv

Lille Torv 2
8000 Aarhus
+45 87 41 50 00

In the beautiful property at Lille Torv 2, known as the Meulengrachtske Palæ, built in the year 1816 as the front house in one of Aarhus’ most prominent merchant houses, Paustian opened a new design universe in December 2018.

Opening hours:
Monday – Wednesday: 10-18
Friday: 10-19
Satturday: 10-17
Sunday: Open on the 1st Sunday of every month 11-15

Closed on bank holidays and 5th of June.

Gunnar Clausens Vej 26A
8260 Viby J.

Paustian V/ Strøget

Niels Hemmingsens Gade 24
1153 København K
+45 39 16 65 65

In the beautiful, pallazzo-like building, housing a bank from 1868, Paustian has opened a state of the art design universe with design icons, furniture and accessories, from both international and Nordic brands.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 11-18
Saturday: 11-17
Sunday: closed

Closed on bank holidays, the 31st of December and 5th of June.

Headquarters & Warehouse

Kattegatvej 38
2150 Nordhavn
+45 39 16 65 65

Since 2010 the Paustian Headquars and warehouse has been located on the waterfront to Øresund in Nordhavn in a building, designed for Paustian by world famous architect Kim Utzon. The building houses Paustians sale- and logistic team and warehouse.

Warehouse opening hours:
Monday – Thursday: 7.30–15.45
Friday: 7.30–14.00
Saturday on even weeks: 10.00–15.00
Sunday: closed

Closed on bank holidays, 1st of May and 5th of June.

Webshop customer service:
+45 7199 9487
Monday – Friday: 10-15