For more than half a century, Paustian has balanced steadily on timeless design, good craftsmanship and sustainable production. A philosophy that takes its initial form at our own carpentry shop in Grenå, where we still believe that beautiful design begins with beautiful craftsmanship.

Thoroughness never goes out of fashion. And although our carpentry gradually contains several generations of craft traditions, we know that thoroughness is not just a principle evergreen. It’s always worthwhile. Therefore, every piece of furniture that leaves Paustian Snedkeri (Paustian Carpentry) still have the same principles of design, craftsmanship and sustainability since 1964. And it is here, between the hands of carpenters, specialists and product developers, that they come to terms most clearly.

Today Paustian Carpentry has an ultramodern production apparatus and 25 specialized employees who are an authority within their field. Therefore, it is literally only the imagination that can limit our technical and craftsmanship in furniture making.

We welcome all challenges.


We are proud to sign our products “Made in Denmark”, and at Paustian sustainability and environmentally friendly production is not a duty, but instead an important part of our DNA. We take our social responsibility seriously and do what we can to leave the least impression after our production. The sum of all this also means that Paustian Snedkeri today serves a wide range of Danish furniture companies, who share our philosophy that beautiful design begins with beautiful craftsmanship.

Paustian Snedkeri manufactures many types of furniture and specializes in furniture with high design and craftsmanship. The carpentry industry can offer CNC milling (3, 4 and 5 axle cutters), sheet metal production, veneer joints and industrial surface treatment (paint mixing machines, flat web systems and spray booths).

Paustian Carpentry received a GMC environmental certificate in 2019 as a result of an exceptionally good environmental effort.

Paustian Snedkeri
Energivej 3
DK- 8500 Grenaa

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