Design by Erik Rasmussen, 1969.

Paustian Modular Sofa was designed by Erik Rasmussen in 1969, and by virtue of its unique ability to change expression all according to its upholstery, it remains both classic and contemporary to this day.

The sofa’s minimalist design idiom helps to emphasize the surrounding architecture and can produce an almost sculptural effect. With its clean cut but very sculptural design and comfortable seating, the sofa is ideal for the home as well as the office.

The sofa consists of straight and corner sofa modules, as well as a pouffe, all of which can be combined to create exactly the sofa you would like. The sofa can be easily modified, expanded or divided when new needs arise. The modules can even be turned in opposite directions.

Sculptural and minimalist, the Paustian Modular Sofa is both contemporary and classic.

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Design by Philip Arctander, 1944.

Paustian Furniture Collection is adding to its impressive roster of modern furniture classics with an exclusive relaunch of three original designs by late Danish architect Philip Arctander. The Arctander Collection features a sofa, a table and an ottoman, and continues our longstanding collaboration with Philip Arctanders granddaughter, Sofie Arctander Paustian.

Originally introduced and produced in very limited numbers in 1944, the furniture designs of Philip Arctander have slowly but surely emerged from relative obscurity to international recognition, and in 2016 Paustian relaunched his infamous Muslingestolen (The Arctander Chair) in collaboration with Sofie Arctander Paustian and the Arctander Estate.

The upcoming Arctander Collection follows in the footsteps of Muslingestolen and continues Arctanders principles of accessibility and durability. The collection is a part of Paustian Furniture Collection, featured alongside a curated selection of modern design classics by prominent Danish designers.

New fabrics include Amoir Libre from Dedar Milano, Storr from Bute Fabrics and an authentic hand woven fabric from McNutt. The collection is still offered in the familiar sheepskin from Skandilock and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel hide, Dunes, from Sørensen Leather. A brand new edition in Gotland Sheepskin from SIPO is available in limited numbers. The Arctander Table is available in a wood base with a table-top in a variety of exclusive stones. All wood variants are FSC-certified.

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Design by Theresa Rand, 2018

Paustian Ensemble – a modular sofa, a lounge chair and coffee tables designed by Theresa Rand.

The Ensemble sofa consists of eight different sofa modules, that can be combined in many ways – as corner sofas, 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, with rounded sides or with an integrated ottoman, etc.

The Ensemble sofa is complemented by a lounge chair and 3 coffee tables that are all reflecting the expression of the sofa.

The idea behind the Ensemble sofa was to wrap comfort in elegance and a light expression. The Ensemble sofa is flexible and customizable without having a bulky look. The rounded edge elements and the ottoman have the shape of a half-circle, which gives the sofa a more curvy, cosy, and inviting appearance. It is playing with basic geometrical shapes but has a soft feel.

The name Ensemble refers to one of the meanings of the word in French: TOGETHER.

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2R Cabinet System
Design by Rasmussen & Rolff, 1996.

The 2R Cabinet System is a series of storage units with a clear and simple design idiom suitable for office environments or the home.

The unit’s simple modular structure allows innumerable combinations. The doors and drawers have magnetic catches and are free of handles, emphasising the cabinet’s stylish appearance.

The units are available in serveral surfaces and in ten standard colors: white, black, antracite, nude, blue, dark olive, dark green, earth grey, mushroom and orange.

A simple and stylish cabinet system with body in two module widths and shelving and doors with or without fronts, in several alternate surfaces and colours. Available with plinth or wall-mounting brackets.

The cabinet consists of a body in MDF with a 45-degree bevelled edge, with shelving in painted or veneered MDF and solid front edge. Doors and drawers in aluminium or veneer, or painted.

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Design by Foersom & Hiort-Lorentzen, 2011

Paustian ASAP is a series of chairs and tables designed for Paustian by the skilled Danish designers Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen.

The ASAP chair is designed for use at the dining table in the home, in restaurants, in the meeting-room or canteen at work, or indeed anywhere where it is desirable to have an elegant and useful chair in a contemporary idiom with great strength and durability. The shape of the frame and the padded seat provide a high degree of comfort, both aesthetically and ergonomically.

The ASAP Table is well suited for both modern and more classical surroundings. The tables can be used in the home, in restaurants, in the meeting-room or canteen at work, or indeed anywhere where it is desirable to have an elegant and useful chair in a contemporary idiom with great strength and durability.

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Design by 2R Rasmussen & Rolff, 1969

The Paustian Garden Set is a popular outdoor classic, designed by the Danish duo Henrik Rolff and Leif Rasmussen.

The Garden Set is despite its age still current. It is made from sustainable FLEGT certified teak wood, which ensures a long durability.

The Garden Set is made from massive teak planks and has a frame of galvanized steel tubing. The tabletop, which is a bit longer than the benches, makes it possible to place the garden sets in continuation of each other or to add a chair in both ends of the garden set. In this way, 8 people, instead of 6, can be seated.

Paustian Garden Set can be used both in the garden at home, at companies or in public spaces and is a simple solution, that uses a minimum of space. Bench and a table in one – simple and functional!

The Garden Set can stay outside all year, which only makes it even more beautiful.

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Design by Paustian Design Studio

Paustian work is a simple and modern series of office furniture designed with a focus on functionality, mobility and flexibility. With a simple design and sustainable quality, Paustian work is a flexible, space-saving and affordable solution that can be dynamically adapted to changing needs and different work situations. Paustian work is a future proof solution that can adapt your company’s development.

With Paustian work you can organize both the individual and the large, multifunctional workspace with mobile work areas, meeting facilities, break out areas and storage.

The Paustian work series consists of a multi-size workbench, a wheeled drawer box, multi-size meeting and conference tables as well as an individually tailored storage system.

The entire series is available in black linoleum or white laminate. The bookcase is available in black or white melamine.

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Design by Paul Leroy

The Paustian Spinal series consists of a whole series of tables and chairs designed by Paul Leroy for Paustian.

With its light and simple expression, combined with many choices, the Paustian Spinal series is a great choice for both home and office.

Paustian Spinal Chair 44 has a sleek and international expression and provides an excellent and very comfortable meeting, conference, or dining room chair.  With its many variants, the Spinal Chair can meet any need.

Paustian Spinal Table has a simple and light expression along with the many variations ideal as a conference table, a cafeteria table, a meeting room table or desk, or as a dining table or coffee table in a home.

The low fully padded shell Spinal chair 80 with the simple design is perfect as easy chair at home, in reception or hotel lobby areas. It may, depending on the choice of upholstery, change the appearance of the ultra-tight and elegant to the more colorful and expressive.

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Design by Paul Leroy, 2020

Paustian & Paustian Furniture Collection proudly presents Spinal Table Home Work; a new and smaller version of the Danish architect and designer Paul Leroy’s classic Spinal Table made specifically for the workspace at home. We know that every home is unique and that is why we have created a contemporary alternative to the well-known height-adjustable work table. Spinal Table Home Work measures from 120 x 70 cm up to 160 x 80 cm for the rectangular table top and 148 x 72 cm for the organically shaped version making it an ideal fit for most homes.

Spinal Table Home Work is the latest addition to Paustian & Paustian Furniture Collection’s popular Spinal-series; a series of chairs and tables designed for both home and work.

Spinal Table is both beautiful and functional in its simplicity and with the addition of the smaller Spinal Table Home Work, it is also more flexible than ever. The design philosophy behind the table is to bridge the gap between home and work and to create the best possible environment for working from home. Both for the body, the eye and the soul.

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Design by Helene Blanche, 2018

Paustian SOFT is a collection of throws and pillows designed exclusively for Paustian by Danish textile designer Helene Blanche.

The collection takes its point of departure in the classic ‘horse cloth’ textile, that the founder of Paustian, Ole Paustian, started using back in the 1960’s in interiors and for furniture – and by the way was the inspiration for the iconic Paustian Modular Sofa from 1969.

The SOFT collection is woven in pure baby alpaca wool from Peru. Using a minimalistic and sophisticated take, Helene Blanche has redefined the softly textured throws by creating two new patterns, “Stripes” and “Plain“, while still maintaining the classic “Checks”. All three designs in the SOFT collection emit classic elegance and have a simple, yet luxurious feel. The throws are suitable for use in a wide variety of interiors and work beautifully together in a multitude of combinations due to the subtle colour scheme, which emanates freshness, yet establishes an emotional depth. The patterns have a modern look with an artisan finish, the substance of which becomes exceptionally clear when the patterns are viewed and used together.

Using a minimalistic and sophisticated take, Helene Blanche has redefined the classic ‘horse cloth’ textile by creating two new patterns, “Stripes” and “Plain”, while still maintaining the classic “Checks”.

In 2017 Mirror Mirror 180, a range of flat glass mirrors, was launched. With the three new glass mirrors, a circular mirror and to elongated – one full body – Paustian adds function and elegance to the Mirror Mirror series.

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