Paustian work is a simple and modern series of office furniture designed with a focus on functionality, mobility and flexibility. With a simple design and sustainable quality, Paustian work is a flexible, space-saving and affordable solution that can be dynamically adapted to changing needs and different work situations. Paustian work is a future proof solution that can adapt your company’s development.

With Paustian work you can organize both the individual and the large, multifunctional workspace with mobile work areas, meeting facilities, break out areas and storage.

The Paustian work series consists of a multi-size workbench, a wheeled drawer box, multi-size meeting and conference tables as well as an individually tailored storage system.

The entire series is available in black linoleum or white laminate. The bookcase is available in black or white melamine.


Paustian WA50 Storage System is a simple and elegant series of cabinets. The aluminum profiled shelves makes the difference in the design and the strength in the

A small selection of sizes with just the right selections of variants makes it an ideal storage system for the office. Choose between variants of open cabinets or sliding doors. None of the variants is made to take up space in the working areas. The cabinets with sliding doors have either two doors in each binder height or in full body height.

Paustian WA50 Storage System is designed by Rasmus Fasting & Henrik Rolff where Henrik Rolff is part of the duo 2R Rasmussen and Rolff that has designed multiple products for Paustian over many years.


The Paustian WD01 Work Desk has a slim and easy design which allows it to fit into various environments.

The table height can easily be adjusted by the user friendly desk panel recessed in the table top. The height adjustable frame may be steplessly adjusted with a stroke length of 650 mm and has an impact resistant function.


Paustian WD50 File Pedestal is related to the WD01 Work Desk and is designed to have the same expression as the table, which makes them complement each other well.

The file pedestal has three drawers in two heights where you can easily store office supplies, documents or personal belongings. The 4 pre-mounted wheels are all with brakes so the drawer can be locked in various locations. It is possible to get a key lock in the top drawer.


Paustian WA01 Table System has an effortless sleek anatomy. Define the table by the choice of materials to make it stand out or camouflage in larger settings.

The table frame system has endless variations and can handle both fixed height columns and height adjustable columns. Tailor the table for your needs in square, round or rectangular sizes.


The work series is designed by Paustian Design Studio and Fasting & Rolff has designed the Storage System.

At Paustian Design Studio, our core competencies are to design and develop furniture with focus on strong quality and material understanding.