Paustian Ensemble – a modular sofa, a lounge chair and coffee tables designed by Theresa Rand.

The Ensemble sofa consists of eight different sofa modules, that can be combined in many ways – as corner sofas, 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, with rounded sides or with an integrated ottoman, etc.

The Ensemble sofa is complemented by a lounge chair and 3 coffee tables that are all reflecting the expression of the sofa.


The idea behind the Ensemble sofa was to wrap comfort in elegance and a light expression. The Ensemble sofa is flexible and customizable without having a bulky look. The rounded edge elements and the ottoman have the shape of a half-circle, which gives the sofa a more curvy, cosy, and inviting appearance. It is playing with basic geometrical shapes but has a soft feel.

The name Ensemble refers to one of the meanings of the word in French: together.


The inspiration for the Ensemble coffee table comes from Brazilian mid-century architecture and design and has been reinterpreted in a contemporary Scandinavian way. The construction of the coffee table is simple and geometrical, playing with the half circle shape that the sofa likewise is based upon. The coffee table comes in three different sizes, which can be combined with each other or stand by themselves, all complimenting the sofa’s circular and soft expression.


Theresa Rand is an architect, educated in both Germany and Denmark. Especially after graduating from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen she concentrated on furniture design. Studio Theresa Rand is based in Copenhagen and works on functional yet poetic furniture, living accessories and lighting, characterized by pure lines with a sensual expression. The focus of the studio’s work is on the use of natural, authentic and lasting materials, their tactile qualities and on the way in which they are combined.

The Ensemble sofa is flexible and customizable without having a bulky look.

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