Paustian Modular Sofa was designed by Erik Rasmus¬sen in 1969, and by virtue of its unique ability to change expression all according to its upholstery, it remains both classic and contemporary to this day.

The sofa’s minimalist design idiom helps to emphasize the surrounding architecture and can produce an almost sculptural effect.

With its clean cut but very sculptural design and comfortable seating, the sofa is ideal for the home as well as the office.

Sculptural and minimalist, the Paustian Modular Sofa is both contemporary and classic.

The sofa is available in various upholsteries.


The sofa consists of straight and corner sofa modules, as well as a pouffe, all of which can be combined to create exactly the sofa you would like. The sofa can be easily modified, expanded or divided when new needs arise. The modules can even be turned in opposite directions.


As something new, the Paustian Modular Sofa is now available in a softer version intended especially for the home market.


The creative starting point of Erik Rasmussen (1930 – 1984) has always been that shape creates the framework for content. His visual expression is characterized by his graphic – almost sculptural – focus on form.

For many years Erik Rasmussen was the man behind Paustian’s graphic design, and it was he who created Paustian’s distinctive logo. This logo earned him the design award for ‘Industrial graphics for visual identity’ in 1993.

Sculptural and minimalist, the Paustian Modular Sofa is with its graphic design both contemporary and classic.

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